Apartamenty w Grecji - kwatery na wakacje

Kiveri Peloponez Grecja

Nice climate and sun only in Greece

Climate and weather
Important facts...


The summer months - July and August - are the warmest. Temperatures reach 36 degrees. This time is an opportunity not only for sunbathing during the day, but it gives great pleasure to swim at night, in warm water, under the moonlight. You are also warmly welcome in May and June, when the temperature ranges between 20-28 degrees and the stunning scent of orange and mandarin blossom spreads through the air.


I must also mention April - this time is Easter - the biggest Greek holiday. Celebrated with great festivity - especially here in Kiveri where tradition and folklore are highly preserved. The Resurrection Mass can be heard throughout the village, the ringing of bells, and later, after midnight, firecrackers... And on Easter Sunday whole families gather on patios, roast lambs, drink wine and dance. The whole village reverberates with Greek music.

I do not know a person who would not be completely charmed by such a celebration.

I also invite you in September and October - autumn in the Peloponnese, alike spring, offers the opportunity to relax without the crowds of tourists. Visiting the sights during this time can make you feel like an explorer. You can be completely alone in Mycenae, for example, admiring Agamemnon's tomb. You can stand in the theatre of Epidauros and sing at full volume to check out the famous acoustics of this enchanted place.

November, December and January are the harvest months for oranges, mandarins and the famous Greek olives. The temperature then is 5 - 10 degrees, but with sunny weather it is wonderfully fresh.


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