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Kiveri Peloponez Grecja

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The "Jasu" Apartments
Greece, Peloponnese, Kiveri



Kiveri is a small village in the area of Lerna, Argolis on the Peloponnese peninsula, between Argos (it was from here that the Trojan expedition set off) and Nafplio, the former Greek capital, the most beautiful Greek city in Greece. The legend says it was founded in 1600 BC by some of the first invaders from the Peloponnese....


Nature, landscape, climate and ancient history mix here with the scents of flowering fruit trees, olive groves and traditional Greek cuisine... Not everything can be shown in a photograph or a video... One thing is certain! This is where you have to come. That's why we invite you to our "Jasu" apartments in Kiveri...


These are the nicest and most comfortable accommodations in the area ;)



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